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In spite of the fact that Google published several powerful postings in recent years, guest blogs are still popular link building methods, and they have been shown to bring results. The question we are finally trying to answer is whether guest blogs are good for SEO.


Guest blogs in Google's rules are still good for SEO. Publishing useful content on relevant high quality websites greatly improves the ranking of search engines and ultimately increases the traffic to the website.


Here are some tips to help you stay in line with guest blogs.


Just write for reliable and relevant sites


Use SEMrush to see an accurate estimate of the amount of traffic a guest blog site receives. A good site provides you lot of traffic. The metrics of Moz's domain authority can be confusing, so do not rely solely on the fact that the guest publishing website is a quality website. So, check backlink profile with Ahrefs or Moz's Open Site Explorer. Finally, is the guest blog site visible in the Google search results page?  Use the site: search operator at Google to find out for yourself. If Google didn't index the website, there is a reason for it; so avoid them.


So where can you find quality blog features for guests? The first item to call is your page from one of the competitors. Utilize hearing backlink devices, for example, Ahrefs to recognize connects in visitor writes that helped them transfer them to the principal page of Google. Take the time to read this full guide of guest Backlinko blogs!


Write only to the site where the content is being repaired


This may fall under the previous point, but it is important enough to justify yours. If websites allow you to download content without asking questions, this is a big red flag. Simply compose for destinations where you realize that content is altogether checked before distribution to guarantee its quality. Keep in mind contact details that are clearly displayed, as this is a good sign that a business is legitimate.


Avoid using well-chosen keywords as anchor text for each link you receive from invited publications


Despite the fact that stay message still directly affects orders, it is critical to keep up a characteristic and differing grapple content profile from outside connections.


For instance, on the off chance that you depended too intensely on visitor sites, and this prompted a vast extent of center content with correct matches, for example, "paint providers," you may have issues. Use devices, for example, Ahrefs and SEMrush to control your stay content profile and keep up a reasonable extent of grapple content from a blend of brand and business.


Do not do things for keywords and remember your audience.


It also means that Google will not view your content as unnatural and is written specifically to bypass your rules. Do writer for the people not for the search engine rankings.


Do not mass produce and reuse content with care.


These links with spam tactics are called article spinning. This process involves setting up and editing parts of a publication in order to publish it on various sites. Although re-using content that you previously wrote to a different audience is fine, you cannot take this piece of content and rewrite it again and again. It’s safer and more likely to get consistent results if you write original content from a guest blog, which adds value to your target audience.


  • Earn your links with parts of rich content, such as info graphics, interactive tools, manuals, e-books, reports, questionnaires, calendars
  • Link recovery through broken native and competitive links, as well as brand references
  • Explore your competitors: where did they get quality links?
  • Sponsor local sports teams.
  • Run the competition
  • Suppliers and partners
  • Offer discounts and offers.
  • Promote charity
  • Attend events
  • High-quality online catalogs: both national and industry


Using blogs as recommended by Google is still useful for SEO. Publishing useful content on high-quality, relevant websites can significantly improve your search engine rankings and ultimately drive more traffic to your website.


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